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Welcome to Aseriana.Net! This is the ever-evolving and long-lived domain owned and operated by (a.k.a. Aseriana). Aseriana.Net has been stubbornly haunting the web since April 2003, which means we've turned twelve years old already! The landscape has definitely undergone some changes throughout the years, but you could say it's grown up alongside me, and has always been a constant reflection of what I like. :)

You are viewing Version 26: Andraste's Grace, which features the lovely Leliana of Dragon Age: Origins. Aseriana.Net is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution or higher on Firefox. If you have any compatibility issues in your browser feel free to contact me as that I strive for my websites to function properly for everyone. Need anymore information on this design? Head over here. Enjoy your visit!

I know Aseriana.Net has been defunct for quite some time as of writing this (February 2016), but plans for a reboot are afoot once I have time and energy to put everything in place.

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